Why Get Dermal Fillers from Gulf Coast Cosmetics?

Beauty is a complex topic that encompasses various standards, perceptions, and descriptions. Moreover, a one-sentence description is not sufficient to define beauty. 

Beauty standards continuously evolve alongside progression. Technological advancements and discoveries contribute to these fast-paced changes in the market. 

Changes throughout history trigger changes in the beauty enhancement market. Moreover, historical events drive beauty standards across different timelines and geographical locations. Furthermore, societal influences impact the varying beauty standards for different periods.

At the current time, many beauty enhancement services require the expertise of medical professionals. For example, people would get beauty enhancement treatments from cosmetic or plastic surgeons. 

Alternatively, some patients get their beauty treatments from medical spas. 

One of the well-known beauty treatments from medical spas entails dermal filler injections. 

Many people would search for the best Botox clinic near me on their phones for their filler treatments. 

What are Dermal Filler Injections?

Patients get dermal fillers for varying reasons. One of those reasons includes wrinkles and fine line reduction. 

Moreover, other patients get dermal fillers for their facial volume loss issues. 

Alternatively, some patients get dermal fillers for lip or cheek enhancement. Some patients request a medical aesthetic injection expert to copy the lips of their admired celebrity. 

Are Dermal Fillers Safe? 

Dermal fillers are safe when used by a medical aesthetic practitioner. Medical aesthetic practitioners have relevant experience and regular training. Their skills help reduce the risk of adverse side effects. 

Additionally, there are dermal filler products with FDA approval. 

An example of an FDA-approved filler brand is Juvéderm. Gulf Coast Cosmetics offers this safe beauty enhancement treatment. 

Why Get Filler Injections from Gulf Coast Cosmetics?

Gulf Coast Cosmetics has a team of well-experienced and skillful medical experts. Their expertise offers you accurate results.

Moreover, Gulf Coast Cosmetics offers a variety of filler products from the Juvéderm brand. 

For example, the Juvéderm Ultra and Volbella XC helps with lip enhancement. 

There will be risks for bruising and redness after the treatment. Moreover, other patients experience swelling after they get aesthetic injections. Others would also feel pain on the treatment site.

These side effects are normal. The condition improves after you get the treatment. The aesthetic results from Juvéderm fillers usually come in two weeks.

Different Juvéderm filler products work well in specific areas. For example, the Juvéderm Ultra and Volbella XC are perfect for the lips. 

On the other hand, the Juvéderm Ultra Plus XC is perfect for facial volume loss. 

Moreover, the Juvéderm Voluma XC is perfect for your cheeks, jaw, and chin. 

Gulf Coast Cosmetics is not only an expert in filler injections. It also offers various beauty treatments that target specific skin aesthetic concerns. 

Beauty aesthetic issues are not new. Even ancient civilizations and people throughout history have their versions of aesthetic concerns. 

The continuously changing beauty trends and standards drive the shifts and additions to the list of skin aesthetics. Moreover, it steers multiple shifts and growth in the beauty enhancement market. 

Beauty from the Different Periods 

Beauty enhancement in ancient times is not the same as the current period. However, some beauty trends resurface at different points in history. 

Here are some facts to consider about beauty standards and enhancement during different periods:

The Ancient Civilizations and Kohl

The ancient Egyptians relied on the available natural resources for their beauty enhancement. For example, they ground minerals into powder for their makeup. 

One of the well-known beauty trends in history entails black Egyptian eye makeup.

The ancient Egyptians used kohl for their makeup. Kohl comes from ground galena.

Galena is a mineral derived from lead. 

Kohl was not only for cosmetic purposes. It also protected the Egyptians against sun damage to their eyes. Queen Nefertiti and Cleopatra used kohl for their eyes. 

However, the ancient Egyptians were not the only ones who used kohl. Even the ancient Greeks and Romans used this natural product. They applied it to their eyebrows.

The ancient Greeks and Romans limited the use of kohl. They frowned upon excessive beauty enhancement during this period. 

A Beauty Standard on Light Skin

The ancient Greeks and Italian Renaissance was the period when many people perceived light skin as beautiful. 

Many beauty treatments and cosmetics revolve around helping them attain fairer skin. 

The Pale Skin Craze

There was a point in history when pale skin became the trend among women. Many eras encountered this beauty standard. 

Some women from different parts of the world and various points in history used different products to get pale skin. 

Powders and other beauty products helped make their skin pale. 

However, this beauty trend resulted in multiple health hazards. 

There were lead-based make-up products during the Elizabethan Era. 

Moreover, there was arsenic and lead in the make-up products of women in the Victorian Era. 

Lead overexposure results in multiple health risks. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevent mentions the health risks of short-term lead overexposure and prolonged lead exposure. 

Lead exposure is more hazardous to your body when inhaled. However, it also impacts your body through skin absorption and ingestion. 

Short-term lead overexposure leads to various symptoms. For example, it causes constipation, irritability, and memory loss. Moreover, it causes abdominal pains and loss of appetite. 

Lead overexposure increases your risk for kidney illnesses and anemia. Moreover, it increases your risk for brain damage. 

Also, lead poisoning is such a potent substance that it is strong enough to penetrate through the placenta. This exposure impacts the development of the brain and other parts of the nervous system of the unborn. 

In extreme cases, short-term lead overexposure results in death. 

On the other hand, prolonged lead exposure impacts your overall health. Also, it causes the same symptoms as short-term excessive exposure. 

Alternatively, arsenic has adverse health impacts. For example, it increases your risk for cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular illnesses.  

Shining Brightly with Dangerous Radium

Do you know the radium girls? 

In the Edwardian Era, some women lost their lives and got sick from excessive radium exposure and ingestion. 

Additionally, many women during this era took jobs painting watch dials. The health risk in this job post is the product used to paint the dials. 

On average, women have smaller hands and fingers than men. 

Also, it is one of the reasons watch manufacturers during the Edwardian Era preferred women for the role. 

Women would accept the job opening for this position for varying reasons. For example, it offered a higher salary. Moreover, they loved the effects and privileges of the work. 

The women who worked as dials painters loved the effects of the radium on themselves. In the evening, they glowed. 

Also, some of them wore pretty dresses at work to make them glow when they party in the evening. 

Others painted their teeth with the radium they used for work. Moreover, the people they knew praised them for their glowing dresses and teeth. 

Watch dials were not the only place where radium was part of a product sold in the market. Make-up, condoms, kinds of toothpaste, and chocolates also contained radium. Some manufacturers would even advertise radium as a way for people to live long. 

There was little knowledge about the dangers of radium during this era.

The death and sickness of the radium girls who worked for watch manufacturers became the gateway to the truth. It leads to the discovery of the adverse health impact of radium. 

For example, it weakened the bones. Moreover, it causes jaw necrosis. Women lost their teeth and jaw from ingesting radium. Do you remember they painted their teeth with it?

DIY Beauty Tricks of Modern Times

In the current time, people have more options. Moreover, there are regulatory bodies that ensure beauty enhancement products and services safety. 

However, some people still decide on making homemade beauty treatments. 

For example, some of them use products from their kitchen shelves for their scrubs and face masks. 

Others would use egg whites and yolks for their beauty treatments. Moreover, others would combine lemon with other kitchen products for their DIY exfoliating treatments.

Others would even use table sugar as a lip exfoliator. 

However, some DIY beauty hacks can make your aesthetic issues worst.

Imagine getting infections after an egg white DIY mask treatment. Dangerous microorganisms might enter your skin through some cuts. Moreover, it can enter your body through your mouth or nose. 

Alternatively, others would easily get sunburned after using DIY beauty treatments using lemon juice. It has a substance that temporarily reduces a protective skin layer against sun damage. Some people who do not know this information get sunburned after this DIY beauty hack.

Moreover, other people would get allergic reactions from their homemade scrubs or masks. 

Modern Beauty Treatment Options

One of the vital lessons from the history of beauty mentioned above is the relevance of product safety. Regulatory bodies help prevent adverse side effects from beauty enhancement. However, there are still factors that increase the risks for unfavorable effects. 

The services of medical practitioners help reduce the health risks from beauty treatments. Medical professionals have years of experience in their field. Moreover, they have significant formal education. Their knowledge and skills help them reduce your risks for allergic reactions and infection. 

Some of the medical experts you can trust for your beauty concerns are cosmetic and plastic surgeons. Moreover, medical aesthetic practitioners also help patients resolve their beauty issues. 

Other Need-to-try Beauty Treatments from Gulf Coast Cosmetics

Gulf Coast Cosmetics is a dedicated beauty enhancement expert. It commits to offering the latest beauty treatments in the medical aesthetic market. 

Dermal fillers are not the only ones you need to consider for your beauty enhancement treatment with Gulf Coast Cosmetics. 

Here are other beauty enhancement treatments you need to try from Gulf Coast Cosmetics:


Botox is an FDA-approved beauty treatment you need to try for your skin aging issues. Botox injections target wrinkles and fine lines. It helps you get smoother and more youthful skin.


The BBL Hero is a laser treatment from Gulf Coast Cosmetics to help you regain your youthful glow. It helps fight wrinkles, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation. 


The dermaplaning treatment is another beauty enhancement service you need to try from Gulf Coast Cosmetics. 

It is a safe beauty enhancement treatment that uses a specialized shaver. It safely removes the top layer of your skin. It removes the dead skin cells and dirt from that skin layer. 

It is a safe beauty treatment that helps you attain a healthy skin glow. 

Also, it is a medical aesthetic treatment that helps remove acne marks. 

Alternatively, people get this skin treatment for facial hair removal. 

Glycolic Peel

Many people choose facial peels for smoother skin. The Glycolic Peel of Gulf Coast Cosmetics helps prevent acne breakouts. In the right amount, it helps remove excess oil on your hair follicles.

Additionally, people get glycolic peel for their hyperpigmentation problems. 

It has anti-inflammatory ingredients. 

Additionally, the beauty enhancement treatment helps remove impurities on your skin. It removes dead skin cells. 

Why is Gulf Coast Cosmetics the Best Botox Clinic Near Me?

This is the time to stop searching for the best Botox clinic near me. Gulf Coast Cosmetics is the medical aesthetic clinic you seek. 

It offers more than beauty enhancement services. It also offers friendship to its patients. It ensures you get positive results through their exemplary communication efforts. 

They even partner with Really Good Content, a digital marketing firm, for better communication with their website visitors.  

Moreover, it has a skillful team who excels in its craft. 

Nicole Elliot-Strobbe leads the Gulf Coast Cosmetics team. Her medical aesthetics work experience dates back more than a decade ago. Fast forward to the present. She is now a well-skilled aesthetic injection expert with certifications in various medical spa treatments.

Dermal fillers are the only beauty treatment you need to try from this medical spa. It also offers various up-to-date beauty treatments to its patients. 

The search for the best Botox clinic near me is over. 

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