Do you have fine lines, sun damage, or wrinkles that you’ve been looking to get rid of? Look no further, the BBL HERO™ is here to help!

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Areas Treated

Face, Neck, Chest, Back

About the Treatment

After bbl hero the skin can look red and blotchy for a few hours or the day. Days post the treatment skin can present with a light peppery cast. This is the hon wanted brown pigments that have been broken up by the bbl hero treatment and this is a normal response that last for a 3-4 days. Skin does not peel from this treatment but more so microscopically exfoliates and skin looks brighter, smoother with a more refined pore and texture post 4-5 days.

After Treatment

Redness to be expected for a few days and each patient’s results may vary.

Pricing starts at $450

Wrinkle Relaxers

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Dermal Fillers

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Fat Reduction

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